Minnesota’s DAV and Hiring Veterans

Interrogation of MoralsThis week we get an update from  Minnesota’s Disabled American Veterans  Adjutant/Executive Director, we also talk with a former Army Captain about his book “Interrogations of Morals” and the hidden benefits of hiring veterans. Guests Include:


204th Deployment to Egypt and TLC Toys

This week we’ll get an update on the 204th Area Support Medical Company nine month deployment to Egypt. We also talk with a man that turned his woodworking hobby into an annual toy mission for children. Minnesota National Guard Senior Enlisted Advisor gives us an update. Guests Include:

Toys for Military Kids & Prosthetics at the Minneapolis VA

This week we learn about the Toys 4 Military Kids program, a program that has impacted over 1300 children of military families in 2013. We also talk about the prosthetics and sensory services at the Minneapolis VA.  Guests include:

Red Bull Deployment & Guard Armory Update

This week we’ll get an update on the deployment of the Minnesota National Guard’s 34th Red Bull Infantry Division and we’ll hear about the Guard’s plan to make their armories more economically efficient. Guests include:

Legion Update & The War to End All Wars

E435 24 r4This week we’ll get the latest news from the director of the Minneapolis VA, we’ll get an update from the American Legion and, 100 years after the start of World War I, we’ll hear how Minnesota contributed to “The War to End All Wars.” Guests include: