D-Day and VA Claims

D-Day and VA ClaimsThis week we discuss D-Day with a 98 year old WWII Veteran, get an update from the Command Sargent Major and meet with a claims supervisor from the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs. Guests Include:



General Mills Patriot Project and The Immortal Chaplains


The Immortal ChaplainsThe week we learn about the General Mills Patriot Project, hear the story of the Immortal Chaplains in WWII, get an update from a county veterans service officer and our weekly message from the Adjutant General. Guests Include:


34th Red Bull Infantry Division Association & Honor Flights

This week we find out about the 34th RedBull Infantry Division Association and get an update on upcoming Honor Flights. We also find out about the Minnesota National Guard Senior Enlisted Advisor’s priorities. Guests include:

Veteran Wildlife Management Area & WWII in the Pacific

USSLittleDD803This week we hear a World War II veteran’s incredible story of service in the Pacific and we discover new grounds for our veteran hunters. Guests include:

More on the Minnesota Veterans Wildlife Management Area:Minnesota Veterans Wildlife Management Area Map

Memorial Day Live 2014

Boj-lQEIIAAv2-X.jpg-largeWe’re live today for Memorial Day from 6-9 covering the events happening across the state to honor our fallen. Guests and special co-hosts include: