Vietnam Veterans of America and Veterans Linkage Line

Vietnam Veterans Statute This week we talk with a representative from the Vietnam Veterans of America, discuss the Veterans Linkage Line and get an update from the Minneapolis VA. Guests include:



Return of Vietnam POW’s 42 Years Later

Lt. Col. Barry B BridgerThis week we talk with Lt. Col Barry Bridger, a Vietnam POW who spent 6 years in the infamous Hanoi Hilton. Capt Bridger began flying combat missions during his first regular tour of duty in Southeast Asia with the 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Ubon Royal Thai AFB, Thailand, in late 1966. He was forced to eject over North Vietnam on January 23, 1967, and was taken as a Prisoner of War. After spending 2,232 days in captivity, he was released during Operation Homecoming on March 4, 1973, and was hospitalized for his injuries at Andrews AFB, Maryland.


Vietnam Veterans of America & Family Foundation Event

ACAV_and_M48_Convoy_Vietnam_WarThis week, we’ll hear about the work of our Minnesota Vietnam Veterans of America and we’ll discover an upcoming golf event aimed at helping our military families. Guests include:


The Tet Offensive & Pets Loyal to Vets

Hue_2This week we go back to the Vietnams War’s Tet Offensive through the eyes of a Minnesota Veteran and we’ll meet an organization dedicated to training therapy dogs for our wounded warriors. Guests include:

Minnesota’s Marine Law Enforcers

4th Law Enforcement BattalionThis week we find out about the Minnesota Marine Reserve unit 4th Law Enforcement Battalion,  and get an update on what’s going on with The Vietnam Veteran’s of America. This weeks guests include: