2nd Annual AUSA Veteran Business Owner Conference

2nd Annual AUSA Veteran Business Owner ConferenceThis week we talk with members of Azule Staffing, U.S. Bank and TRUST VETS at the second annual AUSA Veteran Business owners conference. Guests include:


Medical Foster Homes and UPS Veteran Employment Initiatives


This week we discuss the VA Medical Foster Home program, United Parcel Service Veteran Employment Initiatives, get and update from our County Veteran Service Officer and much more. Guests Include:



Yellow Ribbon Company Seminar & Caregiver Support

130910-Z-CQ961-078This week we’ll hear about an upcoming business seminar specifically for Minnesota’s current and aspiring Yellow Ribbon companies and we discover the VA’s stipend program for helping the caregivers of disabled veterans. Guests include:

Soldiers to Summits and Veteran Small Business Seminar

This week we hear how one organization goes to new heights to help veterans and we also find out about an upcoming veteran small business seminar. We will also get an update about what the Patriot Guard has been up to. Guests include:

Minnesota’s Sustainable Infrastructure & Trust Vets

Minnesota Guard Builds on Environmental CommitmentThis week, we take a look at what our National Guard is doing to conserve recourses as a part of their sustainable infrastructure initiative and we’ll meet a group dedicated to promoting veteran owned small businesses. Guests include:

  • Army Lt. Col. Sol Sukut and Marty Skoglund
  • Joe Johnson and Donald Raleigh of Trust Vets
  • Tim Leonhardt of the Patriot Guard