Annual Chaplains’ Holiday Show

Annual Chaplain's Holiday Show

This week we have our annual Chaplains’ Holiday Show with the Minnesota National Guard Chaplaincy and a very special guest. Guests include:

Minnesota’s Ex-POWs

Consolidated B-24This week we’ll hear the story of one Minnesotan’s experience as a prisoner of war (POW) during World War II and we’ll find out how a Minnesota organization is helping all of our surviving Ex-POWs and their families. Guests include:

  • David Claypool & Dick Carroll of the Minnesota chapter of the American Ex-Prisoners of War

POW: Returning from Vietnam

Hanoi-taxi-march1973This week, 40 years after the return of our Vietnam POWs, we look back at the journey of survival made by hundreds of American veterans. Guests include:

  • Gen. John Vessey, the 10th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Presidential Emissary to Hanoi
  • Col. Jerry Driscoll, surviver of Hoa Lo Prison
  • John Hubbel, author of “POW: The Definitive History


Watch our complete interview with Gen. Vessey here:

Serving Veterans during the Holidays

This week, we’ll find out how six of our state’s veterans service organizations are helping during he holidays. Guests include:

Additional links: Commanders’ Task Force, Ride for Healing, Legionville

The Chosin Few Marines & Minnesota’s Ex-POWs

This week we look back on one of the Korean War’s most decisive battles with Minnesota’s surviving ‘Chosin Few’. We’ll also discover Minnesota’s Ex-POWs. Guests include: