Veteran Wildlife Management Area & WWII in the Pacific

USSLittleDD803This week we hear a World War II veteran’s incredible story of service in the Pacific and we discover new grounds for our veteran hunters. Guests include:

More on the Minnesota Veterans Wildlife Management Area:Minnesota Veterans Wildlife Management Area Map

Premier Training Facilities of Minnesota

This week we have Col. Scott St. Sauver, Post Commander of Camp Ripley as a  co-host and retiring Post Command Sgt. Maj. Dan Smith and incoming Post Sgt. Maj. Michael Worden as well as Mary Lee, Environmental Protection Specialist for Arden Hills Training Site.  During the show we discuss the growth and interagency partnerships at each camp as well as the future of Arden Hills and Camp Ripley. We also discussed the strides in being eco-friendly that each training facility has accomplished and what improvements they are heading towards for the future.

This week’s veteran is Heather Mathews. Heather served as an intelligence officer in the United States Navy. While on active duty, she was able to use her master’s degree in Intercultural Studies and gained five years of experience working abroad in East and Southeast Asia. She acted as a cross-­‐ cultural consultant and also supervised enlisted members. She has a high aptitude for learning foreign languages and currently speaks Mandarin, Tibetan, and some Thai.

Heather and hundreds of others are ready to work hard on their next mission. Can we Hire Minnesota’s Heroes? To connect with Heather Mathews contact the South Minneapolis Work Force Center at 612-821- 4009. That’s 612-821-4009, or to learn more, visit: Positively Minnesota dot com slash Veterans.