The Commissioning of the U.S.S. Minnesota


This week, we take you to Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia for the commissioning of the Navy’s newest and most technologically advanced vessel, the U.S.S. Minnesota. We share an exclusive interview with the Secretary of the Navy, talk with the boat’s leaders and take you on an audio tour of the boat (photos). Guests include:

  • Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus
  • Captain John Fancher
  • Chief of the Boat Randy Reid
  • Senator Amy Klobuchar
  • Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie
  • Chief Petty Officer Mike Herman

Building Strong Bonds & Minnesota’s Navy in Bahrain

450x321_q75This week, we’ll call our Minnesota Sailors currently deployed to Bahrain for an important international exercise and we’ll hear about the Minnesota National Guard’s Strong Bonds program and how it is helping deployed servicemembers and their families. Guests include:

  • Navy Capt. Richard Henderson and Lt. Commander Jason Woodbury of the U.S. Navy Reserve
  • Army Chaplain (Maj.) Buddy Winn of the Minnesota National Guard

Women in WWII & The Marine Corps League

AnnQThis week, as the military opens combat jobs to women, we’ll meet with a World War Two veteran who led the way for today’s women and we’ll get the latest from our friends in the Marin Corps league. Guests include:


One Year After Iraq, The Prairie Navy Deploys and Tricare Updates

20101228_kerska-in-iraq_33This week, one year after the end of the Iraq War, we take a look back with a three tour veteran who served during the war’s beginning, surge and end. We’ll get the latest on North Korea’s rocket launch from Minnesota’s Navy Reserve, currently deployed to Japan; and we’ll hear upcoming changes to Servicemembers’ healthcare coverage and we’ll take a look back at the Iraq War one year after it’s end. Guests include:

This week’s featured veteran is Marine Veteran Lee McClary. To connect with Lee contact the South Minneapolis WorkForce Center at 612-821-4009 or to learn more, visit:

Rep. Cravaak & Ukes for Troops

This week we talk with former Navy Captain, now Representative, Chip Cravaak about his service in the military and congress. We also talk with Eric Carranza about his work bringing the joy of music to Minnesota’s veterans’ home.

This week’s veteran is former Navy Corpman Bill Lamoreaux. Bill served 8 years as a Navy Corpsman with the Marines during the Gulf War and continued his service with the Naval Reserve out of Fort Snelling. For the past 17 years, Bill has worked for a local financial business providing IT support, networking, web administration and web development services. He is currently looking for a position in Web Development, Web Administration or similar.

Bill and hundreds of others are ready to work hard on their next mission. Can we Hire Minnesota’s Heroes? To connect with Bill contact the Blaine WorkForce Center at 763-279-4342 or to learn more, visit: