Vietnam Veterans of America & Family Foundation Event

ACAV_and_M48_Convoy_Vietnam_WarThis week, we’ll hear about the work of our Minnesota Vietnam Veterans of America and we’ll discover an upcoming golf event aimed at helping our military families. Guests include:


2013 Minnesota Military Family Golf Classic

2013 MMFF Golf ClassicThis week we’re recording live at 3M’s Tartan Park during the 2013 Minnesota Military Family Foundation’s Golf Classic. Guests include:

Important updates:
Joint Retiree Appreciation Day
2009 Credit for Military Service in a Combat Zone

One Year After Iraq, The Prairie Navy Deploys and Tricare Updates

20101228_kerska-in-iraq_33This week, one year after the end of the Iraq War, we take a look back with a three tour veteran who served during the war’s beginning, surge and end. We’ll get the latest on North Korea’s rocket launch from Minnesota’s Navy Reserve, currently deployed to Japan; and we’ll hear upcoming changes to Servicemembers’ healthcare coverage and we’ll take a look back at the Iraq War one year after it’s end. Guests include:

This week’s featured veteran is Marine Veteran Lee McClary. To connect with Lee contact the South Minneapolis WorkForce Center at 612-821-4009 or to learn more, visit:

Minnesota Military Family Tribute and Jewish Wars Veterans

This week we’ll discover the history of Minnesota’s Jewish war veterans and we learn about an effort to commemorate the sacrifices of the state’s military families. Guests include:


2012 Minnesota Military Family Foundation Golf Classic

This week we’re at Tartan Park for the 2012 Minnesota Military Family Foundation Golf Classic. Guests include:

This week’s veteran is Army Sergeant Andrew Frolund. Andrew is a problem solver who finds satisfaction in finding ways to save his employers time and money. He enjoys developing a positive work environment by building relationships with is coworkers. He most recently returned from Kuwait for his second deployment with the Red Bulls and previously served over four years of active duty. Sgt. Frolund’s goal is to obtain employment with a local railroad preferably in the yard but is flexible to any opportunity.

Andrew and hundreds of others are ready to work hard on their next mission. Can we Hire Minnesota’s Heroes? To connect with Andrew contact the North Saint Paul WorkForce Center at 651-779-5407, or to learn more, visit: