Veterans Day Live 2013

Veterans_Day_2013_PosterThis Veterans Day we’re live from the Inver Grove Heights Armory at the official Minnesota state event. Guests and co-hosts include:

  • Hour 1: Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie
    • Governor Mark Dayton
  • Hour 2: Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Commissioner and Vietnam Veteran Larry Shellito
    • Les Hanson of Toys4Military Kids
  • Hour 3: Afghan War Veteran Mike McElhiney of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs
    • U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar
    • Maj. Gen. Rick Nash of the Minnesota National Guard

Hour 1: 

Hour 2: 

Hour 3: 

The Red Bull Division & Mentorship in the Guard

Under overcast skies, a bright day for Minnesota Soldiers and families

This week, we’ll talk with the top Red Bull Soldier about the history and future of the storied unit and we’ll discover a new mentorship program introduced in the Minnesota National Guard. Guests include:



The Mission Continues & Month of the Military Child

DSC_8885This week,  just back from a trip to Iraq, Lt. Col. Mark Weber tells us about his remarkable journey with ‘The Mission Continues‘ and we’ll find out what ‘Month of the Military Child’ means here in Minnesota. Guests include:


One Year After Iraq, The Prairie Navy Deploys and Tricare Updates

20101228_kerska-in-iraq_33This week, one year after the end of the Iraq War, we take a look back with a three tour veteran who served during the war’s beginning, surge and end. We’ll get the latest on North Korea’s rocket launch from Minnesota’s Navy Reserve, currently deployed to Japan; and we’ll hear upcoming changes to Servicemembers’ healthcare coverage and we’ll take a look back at the Iraq War one year after it’s end. Guests include:

This week’s featured veteran is Marine Veteran Lee McClary. To connect with Lee contact the South Minneapolis WorkForce Center at 612-821-4009 or to learn more, visit:

End of Iraq War & Deployed for the Holidays

Last troops out of IraqThis week, as the war in Iraq ends, we talk with a three tour veteran of Iraq about his experience and we’ll hear about the families left behind during the holidays. Guests include:
  • Col. Eric Kerska
  • Chaplain (Capt.) Vince Hokkenan