Memorial Day Live 2013

Minnesota National Guard Funeral Honors TeamWe’re live today for Memorial Day from 6-9 covering the events happening across the state to honor our fallen. Guests and special co-hosts include:

The Red Bulls in Bosnia & Tribute to the Troops

RedBullsInBosniaThis week, we’ll take a look at the Red Bulls’ historic deployment to Bosnia and we’ll discover a Minnesota organizations way of paying ‘Tribute to the Troops.’ Guests include:

  • Army Col. Retired Don Kerr and Brig. Gen. Bill Lieder of the Minnesota National Guard
  • Jim Woodruff & Jim Beardsley of Tribute to the Troops


Agent Orange & Army Reserve

US-Huey-helicopter-spraying-Agent-Orange-in-VietnamThis week, forty years after Vietnam we’ll go in-depth on the lasting, devastating effects of Agent Orange on our veterans and their descendants. We’ll also find out more about the Army Reserve’s presence here in Minnesota. Guests include:

  • Maynard Kaderlik of the Vietnam Veterans of America
  • Lt. Col. Gerald Ostlund of the Army Reserve

Congressional Report: The Agent Orange Coverup
Veterans’ Disease Associated with Agent Orange
Jayda’s Story


Minnesota’s American Legion & Historic Fort Snelling

Don PankakeThis week; the state’s American Legion commander joins us to talk about how you can help save the Minneapolis Veterans Home project and we’ll get a preview of upcoming events at Historic Fort Snelling. Guests include:


The Red Bull Division & Mentorship in the Guard

Under overcast skies, a bright day for Minnesota Soldiers and families

This week, we’ll talk with the top Red Bull Soldier about the history and future of the storied unit and we’ll discover a new mentorship program introduced in the Minnesota National Guard. Guests include: