The Mission Continues & Month of the Military Child

DSC_8885This week,  just back from a trip to Iraq, Lt. Col. Mark Weber tells us about his remarkable journey with ‘The Mission Continues‘ and we’ll find out what ‘Month of the Military Child’ means here in Minnesota. Guests include:


The Patriot Ride & Eagle’s Healing Nest

Patriot RideThis week we’ll hear about employers across the state who are supporting our guard and reserve troops and how the Eagle’s Healing Nest is helping veterans overcome the invisible wounds of war.  We’ll also get and update on this year’s upcoming Patriot Ride. Guests include:


Military Order of the Purple Heart & Navigating the Skies of WWII

1280px-B-17F_Radar_Bombing_over_Germany_1943This week, we fly the skies of Europe during World War II with former B17 Bomber Navigator Bob Clemons and we’ll discover Minnesota’s Military Order of the Purple Heart with Mark Browne.



Visiting Hurricane Sandy, Talking with the Doc & Guiding Veterans

8182163089_972372b1d6_bThis week we’ll talk to the new Minnesota National Guard Air Force Surgeon General, find out about a local Airman’s volunteering efforts to Hurricane Sandy and another great service for Veterans. Guests include:

  • Minnesota Air Force Surgeon General Dr. (Col.) David Hamlar
  • TSgt. Rebecca Tongen, 133rd Airlift Wing
  • Tony Tengwall of  Wounded Warriors Guide Service


Veterans on the Hill & Fort Snelling’s Traveling Chaplain

Fort Snelling ChapelThis week we’ll discover the story of Fort Snelling’s traveling chaplain and find out how you can help pass veteran friendly legislation. Guests include: