Looking Back on 2012 and Forward to 2013

This week the Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard, Maj. Gen. Rick Nash, and the Deputy Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs, Reggie Worlds, join us to talk about the accomplishments of 2012 and what we can look forward to in 2013. Ernie Johnson of the Minnesota Patriot Guard also fills us in on their work during the holidays.

Serving Veterans during the Holidays

This week, we’ll find out how six of our state’s veterans service organizations are helping during he holidays. Guests include:

Additional links: Commanders’ Task Force, Ride for Healing, Legionville

One Year After Iraq, The Prairie Navy Deploys and Tricare Updates

20101228_kerska-in-iraq_33This week, one year after the end of the Iraq War, we take a look back with a three tour veteran who served during the war’s beginning, surge and end. We’ll get the latest on North Korea’s rocket launch from Minnesota’s Navy Reserve, currently deployed to Japan; and we’ll hear upcoming changes to Servicemembers’ healthcare coverage and we’ll take a look back at the Iraq War one year after it’s end. Guests include:

This week’s featured veteran is Marine Veteran Lee McClary. To connect with Lee contact the South Minneapolis WorkForce Center at 612-821-4009 or to learn more, visit: PositivelyMinnesota.com/Veterans.

Helping During the Holidays & Patriot Guard

This week we’ll find out how you can help the troops and their families during the holidays and we’ll hear from our friends in the Patriot Guard. Guests include:

This week’s veteran is Air Force Veteran Capt. Jess Lamoureux. To connect with Jess contact the Bloomington WorkForce Center at 952.346.4067 or to learn more, visit: PositivelyMinnesota.com/Veterans.

Veteran Mentorship Program & 133rd Airlift Wing

This week we’ll discover a veteran mentorship program with Minnesota’s best companies and we’ll catch up with a Minnesota Airman just back from the Middle East. Guests include:

This week’s featured veteran is Marine Veteran Geraldo ‘Jerry’ Morales. Jerry is an accomplished Graphic Designer with over 10 years of creative experience. He has wide-ranging skills with expertise in project management, print production, vendor relations and marketing communications. He’s a critical thinker and effective problem-solver who works well under pressure, taking pride in the fact that he has never missed a deadline. Although he’s currently working freelance projects and working with a Veterans Service Organization as their Marketing Operations Manager, he would love the opportunity to join a company on a full-time basis where he can make a positive impact and be a valued asset.

To connect with Jerry contact the North Hennepin WorkForce Center at 763-279-4380 or to learn more, visit: PositivelyMinnesota.com/Veterans.