Souvenirs and Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs

This week we talk about the new Red Bull based feature film ‘Souvenirs’, later renamed ‘Memorial Day’, with Sam Fischer and Craig Christiansen and we get an update from Linda Ball at PawPADs on their work helping veterans through service dogs.

372nd Engineers & Spring Lake Park

This week we talk with Don LaCroix and Robert Nelson about The Yellow Ribbon Community of Spring Lake Park and we take a look at the recent deployment of Minnesota’s 372nd Engineer Brigade with Capt. Simone Butler.

The Bataan Death March & Veterans Court

This week we talk with Washington County Attorney Pete Orput about a court designed to get veterans the help they need and we take a look at World War II and The Bataan Death March with Harold Kurvers, a Minnesotan who survived the experience.

Floods, Army Corps of Engineers and Youth Camp

This week we talk with Ray Kennedy and Michele VanDyke about opportunities for military kids and with flood season beginning in Minnesota, we’ll hear from Col. Mike Price of the Army Corp of Engineers about the role they play.